We always talk about gaps in education. The opportunity gap. The achievement gap. Here's one we never talk about: the information gap.

As parents we often feel in the dark, left out of the important meetings, and ignored. It's time for all that to change. This blog was the the idea of a few parent activists who felt unheard, and felt that parents should have a place to learn, collaborate, and act on behalf of their children.

That sounded good at the time, but we really need your help. We have no staff. We have no phones. We have a blog and we intend to use it!

How can you help? Well, can you write? Have any important tips? Can you help organize?

If so, please send us an email with your information at blog@memphisk12.education.

About Our Bloggers

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Teresena Wright

Teresena is part of The Surge Team with Memphis Lift where she works as a senior parental outreach specialist. Born and raised in Memphis, she is the adoptive mother of her niece and nephew. Outside of her education advocacy work, she loves to sing and has even been professionally recorded. She loves children -- which is good since she is surrounded by them all the time. 



Mendell Grinter

Founder of the Campaign for School Equity, Mendell prides himself on his dedication to community and deep roots in achieving school equity for students of color. His involvement with non-profit advocacy group Black Alliance for Educational Options as State Director in Tennessee and Kentucky, paired with his tenure at Students First NY as Deputy Chief of Staff, solidified his passion and unwavering commitment to children’s education. As an experienced advocate, Mendell’s leadership guides his work as the Executive Director for the newly established Campaign for School Equity in their fight to ensure access to quality schools