Student Advocate Spotlight: Jennifer Tudon


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Name: Jennifer Tudon

School: Kingsbury High School

Grade: 12th

What are your plans for after high school?

I’m going to school to become a veterinarian or cosmetologist.

What is your career goal? 

My career goal is to become a veterinarian nurse.

Why is advocacy important to you? 

It gives the opportunity to bring attention to the things that matter to us.

How has advocacy changed your perspective on education?

It made me care more about education and focusing on it, while now believing it can take me somewhere.

Why is it important for students to have a voice? 

Yes, because students are basically primary sources for school equity as they are the ones experiencing everything in education.

What are the top issues you see in education today?

The lack of resources and teachers engaging with the students.

What’s your education dream?

For education to be accessible to everyone and equally.

Favorite Sports Team: Aoba Johsai

Favorite Food: Nachos, pozole and sope

Singer: The 1975, Dodie, and Brockhampton